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Denver Youth Music Awards


April 26th 

Listen to the submissions and vote for your favorites here!

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Congratulations to this Year's Winners!

~Best Original Song, Any Other Genre~

1st Place: spookychristmascaroline - Bears In The Night

2nd Place: CEC Audio Engineering - Summer Sonnet 

3rd Place: Benny Had a Revelation - Passive Aggressive

~Best Original Rap/R&B Song~

1st Place: BEMO VALENTINO - 1-800-WOAH

2nd Place: Knight! - Murdaa 

3rd Place: x-rated - Marty Mcgraw

~Best Original Electronic Song~

1st Place: KEYFRAME - i can't help it

2nd Place: s0d - where is my coffee

3rd Place: PGB LXXXVIII - DYMA's Beat

~People's Choice Award~

1st Place: Lil Deer - On My Grave

2nd Place: Téa - Say My Name

3rd Place: SevenFold - PGB LXXXVIII - DYMA's Beat

The Denver Youth Music Awards is a contest and event for young musicians in Denver. The DYMAs provide an opportunity for young people to showcase their talents, network with other musicians, and learn from professionals in the industry.

When & Where:

Friday, April 26th at CU Denver on the Auraria Campus

About The Contest

The DYMAs are open to anyone who is currently enrolled in a DPS high school audio production program. Anyone wishing to enter who is not enrolled in one of these programs must apply for special permission by using the contact information at the bottom of the page. All submissions need to be in by midnight on Tuesday, April 23rd. The categories are:

  • Best Original Rap/R&B Song - All components (the vocal and the beat) must be original

  • Best Original Electronic Song (Any sub-genre: instrumental hip hop, dubstep, house, EDM, etc…)

  • Best Original Song, Any Other Genre (i.e. not rap, not electronic)

  • People's Choice - This award is determined by a public vote and all submissions are automatically eligible for this category in addition to the category in which they were entered.

You may enter one of the three original categories and your submission will be automatically entered into the People's Choice competition.

To learn more about the rules, how to make a submission, what the prizes are, and how the winners are determined, click here

Thanks to our friends at Sweetwater for helping us out with the prizes!



In this session you will get to be a part of a real recording session. You will see how a recording engineer communicates with musicians, sets up microphones & creates signal paths, and records a performance in way that serves the composition.


In this session you will get to be a part of a real mixing session. You will see how a mix engineer takes the raw files from a recording session and turns them into a finished song. 

Music Business

In this session, you will learn what you need to know in order to make money in the music industry!


In this session, you will learn what happens to a song or record after it is mixed, but before it is released. How do you get your song to sound good on any playback system? How do get your song as loud as it needs to be? What are LUFS?

Thanks to our generous friends at Ableton, every attendee of the 2019 DYMAs will receive a free copy of Ableton Live 10 Intro! 

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